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Get the Trendiest Wholesale Legwear

A one stop shop for the hottest trends in wholesale legwear. We have discovered the secret to looking in shape for every woman with our amazing wholesale legwear. From wholesale shaping leggings to wholesale butt lifting shapewear, we have all a woman needs to flaunt her beautiful legs and give a lovely lift to her derriere.

Wholesale legwear for gyms

With us, you can be sure of the best quality and best prices for wholesale shapewear from the top shapewear brands in the market. Ann Chery, Ann Michel, Co’Coon and Glorious Shape are some of the brands we sell on our website.

Wholesale legwear for gyms is one of the fastest moving shapewear items. Women all over the world are now embracing a healthy culture of healthy eating and regular exercise. Wholesale legwear is one of the best ways to promote this healthy culture. Everyone wants to look good when lifting weights, running on the treadmill, riding a bike or doing any other form of exercise.

Wholesale legwear for gyms can be bought for personal use or for resale purposes. If you are a devoted gym bunny, you can buy a minimum of 5 units from us that can really come in handy. This way you won’t have to worry about washing up gym legwear in the middle of the week. Additionally, our wholesale legwear for gyms are made from the best quality fabrics using the latest technology to ensure that they are 100% comfortable.

If you are a wholesale legwear entrepreneur, you will also benefit greatly from a partnership with us as we will always provide you with the most sought after wholesale legwear for gyms, wholesale shaping legging and wholesale butt lifting shapewear at the best possible price in the market.

Butt enhancing shapewear

A perfectly cinched in waist, a pert derriere and a bust that defies gravity; every woman desires to have this beautiful hour glass figure and with the current shapewear technology, we make every woman feel beautiful and confident.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise play a huge role in giving you a great figure, butt lifting shapewear give you an instant pert and full derriere. Who doesn’t want that? To look perfect in your skinny jeans or a beautiful evening dress? The more the reason you need to look at our wholesale butt lifting shapewear.

Like the other types of shapewear, butt lifting shapewear can also flatten your tummy and squeeze in your thighs to give you a smoother and slimmer shape. We have butt enhancing shapewear in wholesale for women of all shapes and sizes.

Butt lifting shapewear features


Some butt lifting shapewear are used to minimize an extremely full backside. This can have great slimming effects and usually, it comes with additional tummy trimming and thigh slimming effects.


This is designed for women with a small backside to give them a rounder figure. This looks very good when paired with well-fitting jeans.

Special lifting bands

Butt lifting shapewear are fitted with these special lifting bands to give you the ultimate pert derriere.

Additional padding

This has the effect of giving one a beautiful round and full butt.

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