Co’Coon Classic Latex Waist Cincher 1512


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Wholesale Shapewear from Co’Coon

With a minimum purchase of Co’Coon Wholesale products, you have access to great prices and high quality products. You can save thousands by purchasing waist cinchers, corsets, shapewear and many other products from Co’Coon in bulk and passing those savings on to your customers. Now you can help your customers take control of their trouble spots and create a sleek silhouette with Co’Coon shapewear.

Choosing Co’Coon Shapewear

Many women have had bad experiences with inferior shapewear products. Worse, they won’t even try body shapers because they associate them with the unforgiving and restrictive girdles and corsets of the past. Modern shapewear is actually comfortable and gives your clothes a smooth, polished look. In order to find the most comfortable shapewear, we suggest the following four steps:

  • Become acquainted with the main types of modern shapers and the levels of support available to determine the best performing products.
  • Next, provide detailed fitting tips for each type of foundation and highlight the features to look for to help every woman get the right size and level of comfort.
  • List specific tips on how to try on shapewear to assist your customers through the shopping process.
  • Finally, develop shapewear guidelines to help women get started on the path to a newer, trimmer look.

Body shapers from Co’Coon Wholesale allow women to confidently expand the range of fashions they can wear with their individual body type.