Ann Michel Workout Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hooks – 2024

Ann Michell

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Latex Waist Cinchers From Ann Michell Wholesale

Active women are looking for waist cinchers for weight loss that can keep up with them, and the Ann Michell latex waist cincher is the ideal product. This best seller is designed especially to provide instant slimming and create a more shapely figure. When you buy in bulk from Ann Michell Wholesale, you can offer a top-notch product at an affordable price.

Highlights, Features and Results

The latex construction makes you sweat more as you exercise, enabling you to burn more fat cells and doubling your workout results. High-end waist cinchers target both your back and abdomen. The Ann Michell latex waist cincher is ideal for weight loss, improving your posture and supporting the muscles in your back, which is particularly important while working out. Other benefits include:

  • Greater waist definition
  • Core resistance
  • Increased thermal activity
  • Midsection compression
  • Stimulates perspiration
  • Loss of inches reported

The latex construction is complemented with a comfortable cotton interior, hook-and-eye closures and two rows of high-resistance steel hooks for flexible sizing. Steel boning in the front and back provides maximum contour effects. These shorter than classic waist cinchers are available in bright colors to match any outfit you can imagine.

For maximum results, use the Ann Michell latex waist cincher in combination with eating healthy and exercising regularly so that you can achieve the shape you want even faster. Make beauty affordable to your customers with Ann Michell Wholesale latex waist cinchers.